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Work Injuries Attorney Tama County, IA

The legal professionals of Rausch Law Firm understand that accidents happen, and we are here to help you. When someone has been negligent towards you in a certain Work Injuries situation, it is important to know your rights. With our 21 years of experience helping the Tama County area, we can represent your Work Injuries case to your advantage.


When you or someone close to you experiences a serious injury in the Tama County area, and it is in no way the fault of your own, you have a right to make an official Work Injuries claim. The legal team of Rausch Law Firm has helped clients throughout the Tama County area get the compensation they need. 

The legal advisors of Rausch Law Firm understand that dealing with a recent Work Injuries matter can be confusing, and you have likely heard a lot of different opinions. Perhaps friends and family members in Tama County have all offered you advice. When it comes to Work Injuries cases, you need to speak with an attorney that has at least 21 years of experience. At Rausch Law Firm, you can sleep well knowing we are here to represent your rights and interests. 

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Work Injuries cases in the Tama County area courts can be exhausting and confusing. Do not let local Tama County insurance companies use this to their advantage. Call us at (319) 233-3557 for professional representation today.

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