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Workers Comp Attorney Black Hawk County, IA

We will devote maximum resources to ensure your Workers Comp case receives proper representation. We, here at Rausch Law Firm, are proud to put your interests first. With 21 years representing Workers Comp cases for the Black Hawk County area, we know how to deliver thorough and timely advice to our Workers Comp clients.

Rausch Law Firm will thoroughly investigate the details of your Workers Comp claim, allowing us to construct an efficient defense. If you are from the Black Hawk County area, we can scrutinize every detail of your case and give you the chance to fight for your rights. Our firm is focused on getting clients the compensation needed of their Workers Comp cases so medical bills and funeral expenses do not become a burden.

During our 21 years of practice, we at Rausch Law Firm have learned the importance of being honest with the client, no matter the circumstances. Workers Comp cases can generally improve, but once lost, an attorney’s integrity is much harder to repair. We pride ourselves on our diligence and insistence to go above and beyond for our clients, therefore the legal team of Rausch Law Firm is never more than a phone call away for our Black Hawk County area clients. 

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If you have suffered from Workers Comp matters at the hand of another’s neglect, do not hesitate to call. We at Rausch Law Firm strive to provide representation to those who have suffered in the Black Hawk County area.

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