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If you have been injured in a serious accident and live near the Waterloo area, we are available to help represent your case. If someone has been irresponsible or negligent towards you, contact Rausch Law Firm. With 21 years in handling Workers Comp cases, we know what it takes to help win your case.

If you are reeling in from a traumatic experience in the Waterloo area, such as a car accident or wrongful death, you need the legal guidance of Rausch Law Firm. We devote our 21 years of experience to work for you in handling expenses brought on by the injury. Workers Comp cases are unique, but crucial in helping victims get back on their feet. Rausch Law Firm makes sure you have a shoulder on which to lean throughout the process. 

When you suffer an injury requiring an official Workers Comp claim, you are likely to incur many expenses. Our job at Rausch Law Firm in Waterloo is to make our Workers Comp clients whole for these expenses through effective legal representation and negotiations. We tailor our Workers Comp representation to address each client's goals and needs. 

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Do not let Waterloo area hospital bills from Workers Comp events beyond your control affect your life. Rely on our 21 years of practice to ensure you are properly represented in the Waterloo area.

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